Thursday, October 30, 2008

IMAP to Exchange 2007 email migration

We get asked about email migration fairly frequently. In Exchange 2003 we tried doing it but truth be told there were some adequate free solutions. And "free" is tough to sell against. Then 2007 came out and NOBODY initially had solutions (even Microsoft) but we resisted the temptation to develop our own solutions (and we are still glad).

In general we find that Microsoft Transporter Suite is ... lacking (I'm trying to be polite here). But I know it is tough to ignore because it's from Microsoft and your boss knows it's free. Try it yourself and look through the fora before you commit to using this.

Glen did a great article on EML migration into Exchange 2007 using Exchange Web Services. If you're comfortable scripting this will get you through the hard part of inserting email into Exchange 2007.

We think you should also look into using imap2exchange which you can download at We worked on their calendar migration over the summer and the crew at Yale impressed us as a sharp bunch of folks. Please keep in mind these complements come without any grudging or reticence from a Harvard graduate.

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