Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MDaemon migration: Suggested Contacts to Office 365 / Exchange

As usual we cannot keep ourselves out of trouble.  "Trouble" in this case meaning "adding more migration features so legacy calendar systems hate us even more."

The latest is migrating Suggested Contacts from MDaemon into Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange.

This has subtlety.  As is the case with Notes going from MDaemon into Exchange, we cannot place them directly in the folder "Suggested Contacts."  On Suggested Contacts, see this link.  

So we insert into the main Contacts folder (usually under an interface tag of "People" now) and give it the category "Suggested Contacts" to make them easy to find. 

Viewing your Contacts as a List and looking at Categories you'll see them this way:

As the above link documented,  "You can no longer add contacts to the Suggested Contacts folder."

To set this up in our migration tool we added a new option to the user interface.

We also have field confirmation that our migration works with two-byte character systems, such as Chinese:

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Attachments in Oracle Communication Convergence Calendar Migration to Exchange


The bane of full-state calendar migration, largely because it slows down the entire process and really grinds every gear we have.

So in the Oracle Communication Convergence Calendar server migration where you can extract URLs to attachments -- we insert URLs to the attachment.

We've given it to one site to try out.  If anyone else out there is looking for Oracle Communication / nee Sun Java Calendar, let us know.

The configuration looks like this: