Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sumatra Utilities Update


su.exe /nd:xx /a /c /db /dn:domain /e /k:kwd /r /s /v:valfile /x /u:usr /in:infile

/out:outfile /h:holdat /tz:timezone


/a =Accept pending meeting requests delete request

/b =Clear all booked meetings from calendar

/c =Clear pending meeting replies requests from inbox

/db =Check calendar for Double Booked mtgs/appts

/dn:domainname =Run SU on this "domain name "

/e =Output Every mtg/appt in calendar

/in:infile =user INput file, one AD alias per record (default infile.txt)

/u:user =process this User(supercedes /in:)

/k:kwdstem =limit mtgs/appts tagged with Keyword stem e.g. /k:ca finds ca,car,cat
(/k default:mmconv102659080256Z). Also assigns a category during an insert.
E.g., /k=holiday2006

/nd:xx =NDays to search (today-today+xx days), (max/default:15 days)

/out:outfile =Output file (default outfile.txt)

/r =limit to Recurring mtgs/appts

/s =show stats in popup message box

/tz:cdotzname =set timezone (use cdoName); default=eastern

/v:filename =Validate. Write valid users to filename

/x =Meeting CrossCheck

/h:holdat =Holiday data file (default fn holiday.txt)

/undo:mtgfilename =remove items from calendar (tagged w/ keyword)
If mtgfilename is present, remove only those meetings. Data uses the same format as the holiday file.

/qt =Remove outlook reminders from Outlook 2000 on Exchange 2000 only!

/rsvp:fix =sets “Request Reply” to true
/rsvp =shows meetings that have the Request Reply attribute set to false

1. Must be run from the command prompt on a backend Exchange server
2. User must be an Exchange Domain Admin (service account), and have mailbox read/right authority

Not following the above two instructions is the biggest source of errors we see.

Command Line Examples

Output ALL tagged meetings for one user "riuliano" within the last 10 days into outfile.txt
su /u:riuliano /nd:10 /e /out:outfile.txt

Output tagged RECURRING meetings (only) for users in file "userlist.txt"(**) into bigoutput.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /r /out:bigoutput.txt

Find double booked meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /nd:15

Find double booked Recurring meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
u /in:userlist.txt /db /r /nd:15

Find double booked meetings and show ALL meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /e /nd:15

Find mismatched meetings (cancelled in owner's calendar but not in conf. room;
different date/time) for resource "exec_cr"
su /u:exec_cr /x

Output all messages with keyword "mmconv" in this userlist to migrated.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /k:mmconv /out:migrated.txt

Clear meetings in calendar and meeting requests in inbox for all users in file "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /b /c

Validate Users in the “” domain, and write the validated users into the “validinlab.txt” file
su /in:userlist.txt / /v:validinlab.txt

Remove holidays defined in "holiday.txt" for for users in "usrlist" located in domain ""
su /in:usrlist.txt /undo:holiday.txt /

Add holidays stored in the "holiday.csv" file to calendars “validated” in the lab in the “” domain in the pacific timezone
su /in: validinlab.txt / /tz:cdoPacific /h:holiday.csv

Ensure all meetings are have reply requested set to true for account “mairey” in the domain “”, for meetings that were tagged with the Sumatra keyword
Su /u:mairey / /rsvp:fix /k


All errors are written to the file "error.txt". Please check this file to ensure the utility worked without experiencing problems.

userlist.txt has one AD Alias per record

Holiday file is a "CSV" comma separated value file (The four columns are holiday name, start date, end date, and an optional fourth column holiday type. Holiday type is F,B,T,O for Free, Busy, Tentative, Out of Office. The default is "B")


If you have appropriate permissions, are sure that the user mailbox is on the server you are executing SU.EXE on and get an error like this:

NELLZ WAS NOT Validated (User Does not Exist on this server) Url:file://./backofficestorage//MBX/NELLZ/

Then, re-run with the /DN:(domain name) switch.