Tuesday, July 28, 2020

DAVical to Office 365 calendar migration in beta stage

You guys might remember our earlier posting on DAVical migration to Exchange / Office 365.

Well, we went ahead and started it based on a request from Europe.  

If there's anyone else out there who's looking for this please drop us a line.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Corporate Meeting Resources in Office 365 in the Age of Social Distancing

So in the soda straw view of the world we see in calendaring, it was only a while before COVID-19 reared its protein-based heads in our direction.  (and yours, we assume!)

Specifically: how can we make sure we promulgate COVID-19 safety rules to personnel if we (when we) are allowed to authorize them to return to work in our physical locations?

Simplest way we came up with that does not involve any coding or need to involve your Office 365 Administrator is to create a Rule for your Resources, as shown in this screen capture.

The meeting organizer (and ONLY the meeting organizer) will then get an email directly from the resource in your standardized corporate language reminding them to observe safe meeting practices, as the following details show: 

This is the detail from Conference Room 222:

Easy-peasy.  And as you see it works whether you have your conference rooms as auto-accept or managed.

Do you have a zillion rooms?  This is script-able through Exchange Shell.  If you create a solution, please post it here and share it to benefit others!  

Friday, May 08, 2020

How much time is your group / department / division / enterprise spending in Zoom working at home?

After reading How My Boss Monitors Me While I Work From Home in the New York Times I sort of shuddered at the degree of surveillance you can put on someone's machine.

Putting on my calendar geek hat I could see how you could extract this kind of "how I spend my time" information from on Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange server without having to load possibly vulnerable code on a laptop or desktop.

Drop us a line if there's interest in this.