Monday, April 25, 2022

Kerio Connect to Office 365 Migration. We get it -- you're SMBs.

 OK, folks.  We get it.

Since we announced the Kerio Connect to Office 365 calendar, tasks, contacts, notes migration application we built we've gotten inquiries from several of you.

And we've learned you're mainly SMBs -- Small to Medium Businesses -- and very price-sensitive.

You want to get your users off of Kerio and get them on Office 365.

We want to turn a profit off the hard-earned effort we put into making this technology. 

So here's what we're going to do -- we're going to let some of you run this for no charge as an informed consent experiment.  We're limiting support -- but if you find you need help we're willing to talk about what it costs.  

There's a few rules here:

  • You need to contact us and tell us the domain name you're migrating into so we can give you a license key.
  • This offer does NOT apply if you've hired a systems integrator or consultant to do your migration (if you can afford them you can afford to work something out with us).
  • We'll give you a link to the code and you can download and try it out.
  • Experience with PowerShell and Office 365 permissions is a definite plus in migrating!
  • If you have under 25 users and little Microsoft experience then please use import-export methods or go cold-turkey.  There's a learning curve with our methods.  A small number of users is just not worth it.
  • No support for conference rooms or resources.
  • Current and future events only.  CAN we do history? Yes -- but that we think you should pay for if you want our automated process.
Questions?  Use the contact us link.

As always, to migrate email use imapsync (link is to our posts on how to migrate and the advantages).  You could use Microsoft's tools which are simple, but are also simple-minded.  If imapsync (official site) scares or confuses you, please be aware our tools require about the same level of expertise.