Thursday, May 30, 2013

Visual Representation of Calendaring in EHLO

You know, actions tell you a lot.

So just for chuckles we took this screen shot of the Tags on The Exchange Team Blog.

We see that to Microsoft calendaring gets slightly more tags than Compliance and Jobs (as in positions, not Steve).... 

....WAY fewer than Biography (what does the life cycle of a Microserf really have to do with Exchange?)....

.... And lower mention than whale dung to almost everything else.

Now this is not scientific, and it is not necessarily significant.  Tips 'n Tricks and Troubleshooting could be calendar-specific at times and not be cross-classified.  And E-Mail does not get a separate specific mention, which would provide the most direct comparison.

All we're measuring is the relative time it's tagged vis-a-vis the other tags.  Could be it's not mentioned because it's stable and not a problem (we find a lot of problems here, but that's out specialty), or it could be that other priorities are higher.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Google v. Microsoft in the Enterprise Story

Reading Google Pushed This 4,500-Employee Company Into Microsoft's Arms.  Our experience is that this makes sense.

We do not even bother looking at calendar migrations INTO Google anymore (the sites we found that were considering Google were really light on any kind of enterprise expertise in the first place).

Our prediction: we will soon be seeing people looking for full-state calendar migrations OUT of Google and into Exchange.