Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Zimbra Calendar to Office 365 Full-State Migration Video

As we promised, here's a video demonstrating our (pre-release) full-state calendar migration from a live Zimbra server (on Ubuntu in our lab) to Microsoft Office 365 (in the cloud).

Meetings come over as real meeting with guests and their responses, including exceptions.

Resource bookings are re-created and in the guest list.

The result is a migration that is as though users had been on Exchange all along.

We also migrate Contacts and Tasks.

Finally we have an UNDO capability to remove only the data we inserted in our process.  This is really useful for testing and disaster recovery.

If you want to try it out contact us here.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Zimbra migrations using PSTs

PSTs?  Seriously?

Even Microsoft is walking away from and disavowing PSTs.

We found migrating into Exchange using PSTs is really slow and inefficient.

But Zimbra wants to perpetuate this.  See:  How to use the new Zimbra Migration Tool: pst file to Zimbra Desktop.

Ok -- if you have a handful of users -- fine.  If you have a hundred or so and are motivation-challenged or not very good at systems administration -- sure.

If you're an enterprise of any size use real tools.  Pick imapsync for your email migration (follow our guide in reverse) and drop everything else if you have to.