Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inserting SQL data into Microsoft Exchange

When we say SQL data being inserted into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, it's through our soda straw view of the world: calendar items, contacts, and tasks.

You can of course write one-off code in Exchange Web Services to accomplish a specific task – but why reinvent the wheel?  Sumatra has been  inserting calendar, contact, and task items into Exchange from legacy systems for the last fourteen years.  We’ve created a tool-set that allows you to read data from your SQL databases and insert them into Exchange. 

Most of our users of this feature are using Oracle as the SQL of choice, but there's nothing specific to that vendor.

We call this the Sumatra Calendar Pump or just the "Pump" if you hear us referring to it in casual conversation.

Monday, January 12, 2015

BES 12 is out

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12 is out.

We have a long history with BES in calendar migrations, usually as an indicator of permissions issues.

We're not making any endorsements on upgrading except for the main recommendation we always make in a migration: test the snot out of it beforehand in a lab environment and have a back-out plan.  

You're only dealing with something that has an impact on all of your users here.