Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Add Holidays to Resources in Exchange 2010

Okay, okay.  I know we wrote that the SuHoliday cmdlet would not add holidays to resources.

BUT -- if you use FULL ACCESS instead of Impersonate, the current download-able version works like a champ for this.

To try this out:

·        Provision a service account (say, "exsu") that is NOT an Enterprise Admin

o   Set impersonate RBAC for that account

§  new-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name:_suImp8Exsu -Role:ApplicationImpersonation -User:'exsu@cod.sumatra.local'

o   Try to do an insert for a user AND

o  For resources "cr101b" or "room 222"

Results should not be good, but NOW....

·         Add fullaccess to that service account

o   Get-Mailbox -filter {isResource -eq $true}  -resultsize unlimited | add-mailboxpermission -user exsu -accessrights fullaccess   -InheritanceType: All

o   Add holidays for that room

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Insertions in Live @ Edu

Kudos to Rachel in Georgia for her holiday insertion into Live @ Edu.

She's used SuHoliday on over 8000 users.  Thus far we think this is a record but we usually only hear from people when there are problems.

Also based on her experience and feedback we've added capabilities to our most recent version of the cmdlet, including:

  • Not setting reminders for holidays
  • Better logging
  • Default time zone handling
  • Memory handling improvements
  • Improved resilience when Exchange throttles your insertion

We're discussing when and how to roll this out to the main cmdlet download.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Zimbra to Exchange Migrations Field-Proven

Just got the word from Portland, Oregon that our faster, simpler method for Zimbra to Exchange calendar migrations successfully migrated 800 Zimbra users' calendar, tasks, and contacts into Office 365 this past weekend.
We're considering this a success.