Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Long Does UNDO Take?

How long does the UNDO take?

Think of it this way: Rome wasn't built in a day but it did burn in one.

We've been comfortably using the 750 calendar objects per minute per server metric for data insertion for years now. We've got to admit that when someone asked us how long it would take to remove their data should they need to (something which hasn't happened in production in years, but which we always maintain the contingency plan for anyway) that we had never formally timed it.

So Russ's team went into action with data from a recent 2500 user customer, inserting current data plus two weeks' worth of history took 2hrs 20 minutes.

The UNDO took 30 minutes.

So UNDO takes about 25% of the time of your insertion.

But your mileage will definitely vary: These tests were on empty mailboxes.

If you have users with large mailbox quotas in Exchange, the UNDO will take longer because it has to search through lots of messages to selectively remove only the calendar objects.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Meetings created in EWS RTM Format can not be updated using EWS SP1

I tripped across an issue when trying to use Exchange 2007's Exchange Web Services SP1 to update a meeting that was created in the RTM version. I could not. Here's the error message:

The EWS Id specified is in Exchange 2007 RTM format while your request was made in the Exchange2007_SP1 mode. Please use the Exchange2007 SOAP version header in your request or remove it, or use ConvertId method to convert Id from EwsLegacyId to EwsId format.

The issue -- Exchange changed the EWS identifier format from Exchange 2007 RTM and SP1. ConvertId is required to convert the "EwsLegacyId" to the "EwsId". The change in identifier format is well documented. We don't typically update old meetings, so we haven't come across this issue before. Here's the link to the ConvertID page on MSDN:

and sample C# code:

Friday, May 09, 2008

Meeting Maker to iCalendar - no upgrades required

On a phone call this week one of our current migration clients told us that after they were done they were going to upgrade their obsoleted Meeting Maker server. Since this is the first time we've heard this one we asked "why?"

Their answer was a good one: They wanted to be able to export their Meeting Maker data to iCalendar format.

Since we're all about saving you folks money -- we just want to point out that we have an application for exporting your Meeting Maker server to ICS files (i.e., iCalendar), mapping all users and everything.

So if you need it in the future, please just ask.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cross-Forest Impersonation

David Sterling has blogged about configuring resource forests. His recent post, Cross Forest Exchange Impersonation - where the rubber meets the road ( provides examples of how one actually configures impersonation permissions. If you want an overview of cross-forest impersonation, David blogged it here.

Everything I've read from David is always well written and informative. His support for the development community is equally exceptional. Thank you, David!