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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Long Does UNDO Take?

How long does the UNDO take?

Think of it this way: Rome wasn't built in a day but it did burn in one.

We've been comfortably using the 750 calendar objects per minute per server metric for data insertion for years now. We've got to admit that when someone asked us how long it would take to remove their data should they need to (something which hasn't happened in production in years, but which we always maintain the contingency plan for anyway) that we had never formally timed it.

So Russ's team went into action with data from a recent 2500 user customer, inserting current data plus two weeks' worth of history took 2hrs 20 minutes.

The UNDO took 30 minutes.

So UNDO takes about 25% of the time of your insertion.

But your mileage will definitely vary: These tests were on empty mailboxes.

If you have users with large mailbox quotas in Exchange, the UNDO will take longer because it has to search through lots of messages to selectively remove only the calendar objects.

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