Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Double-Booking cmdlet and Scripting

You want to check for double-bookings and inform users on a regular basis without running scripts yourself?

Sure -- a really good tutorial is here: How to schedule PowerShell scripts


We're not re-inventing the wheel on this one, folks.

When you have the script and cmdlet working you can either:

  1. Invoke it manually whenever you want.
  2. Set up a timer to automate it (see above)
    1. Paranoid?  Run every four hours
    2. Less paranoid?  How about every day?
    3. Mellow?  Every week.


Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Sumatra Double-Booking cmdlet Updated for Modern Authentication Office 365

We got some demand for the Double Booking cmdlet, apparently because Microsoft Bookings has limitations.

We've removed our dependencies on Basic Authentication and updated for Modern Authentication and are about to put the tool into a test site.

Any other folks interested, please drop us a line.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Inform users of double-booked meetings in conference rooms

Yep -- we have the new Sumatra Double-Booking cmdlet re-written for Modern Authentication.

And it's field-proven,

After you've gotten your IDs and Secret, and loaded the cmdlet, you can have notices like this automatically sent.

One of our tenets for best practices about double-booked resources:  Start off by treating your users like adults and letting them work it out.  If that meets with inadequate success, ratchet the capability up from there.