Sunday, October 31, 2021

Kerio Mail Contacts and Office 365 Migration

Our latest version of Kerio migration code adds two options to the XML file to deal with autocomplete contacts.

  • Set the ‘migratesuggestedcontacts’ switch to FALSE if you don’t want to migrate them.
  • If 'migratesuggestedcontacts’  is TRUE, the contact subfolder named in the migratesuggestedcontacts_o365foldername will be created (if it doesn’t exist) and those contacts added to the folder.



Tuesday, October 26, 2021

BusyMac and Kerio Bugs and Migration to Office 365

We found some weird calendar stuff in Kerio when using BusyCal


This (really weird) addition to the iCalendar format was causing us some problems with the recurrence pattern until we coded around it.

Apparently it's been reported as a bug in in their forum since December 2020.

But rather than waiting for someone to fix a moribund client to moribund server we coded around it to make it easier for folks to get into Office 365.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Turning off EWS Throttling in Office 365

Microsoft must have realized this was an issue – they finally made it easier to temporarily change EWS Throttling under admin control.

And by "easier" I mean it is "possible if you know exactly what you are looking for."

So to remove EWS Throttling

Login to Exchange Admin 

Click Support and follow with New service requests.

In the search field, search for Increase EWS Throttling Policy

Select that from the list

Click Run Tests – it will first tell you are throttled (big surprise)

Click Changing EWS Settings – select 30/60/90 days

Run Tests again.  – Should now be good to go.