Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oracle Calendar Server Designate to Microsoft Exchange Delegate Migration

Trying to get Outlook Delegate Permissions:

from Oracle Calendar Server Designate Access Rights

can be tough.

We just made the Oracle Calendar DESIGNATE to Microsoft Exchange DELEGATE migration simpler (and removed PFDAVAdmin from the equation, while it worked it was a complicated pain in the neck).

Now under the processing stage check box in our insertion code is an option called "Set Delegates"

It takes a converted designates export file, as we've previously told you how to build, and will set those according to these rules:

  • Users must be VALIDATED
  • NO delegates are set to see PRIVATE items on Exchange
  • NO delegates are set to receive Meeting Invitations
  • There is no UNDO for Delegates

Here is the “get-mailbox fl” command that shows Russ has been set as Zyg's delegate

In the database:

If Delegate is true then the user is assigned as an EDITOR

If ReadONLY is set to true, then the user is assigned as a REVIEWER
If ReadONLY is set to FALSE, then the user is assigned to AUTHOR

Here is the commandlet to WIPE OUT ALL DELEGATES, regardless of who set them:

get-mailbox -ResultSize unlimited where {$_.Servername -like "Server" -and $_.GrantSendOnBehalfTo -ne {}} Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo $null

(Remember to change “SERVER” to your server name!)

We suggest you use this in your TEST environment for verification purposes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Insert Holidays Server-Side into Exchange 2007


Ship it.

The Sumatra Utilities for Exchange 2007 are now available for download.

Keep in mind, they won't just insert holidays for the 2010 calendar year, they'll also let you:

  • Check for broken meetings in your conference rooms
  • Gracefully remove terminated user meetings
  • Extract resource use data you can then analyze in a spreadsheet (not full ResourceWatch but it gives you easy access to data that was hard to get before)
  • And if you want to start using them to develop your own applications (we've got one business school that's done that and another evaluating), we can do that as well.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sumatra Utilities documentation is out

A quick update on the Sumatra Utilities for Exchange 2007: we've field proven them in an East Coast medical school with over 8000 users.

Insertion of 10 holidays for these users took about three hours.

We consider that a success.

We're running our final regression testing on them now but we can give you the link to the documentation (Word format).

Stay tuned.