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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Sumatra Utilities for Exchange

The Sumatra Utilities for Exchange are tools for managing calendars in Exchange 2000/2003. You can insert holidays for users, or check for double-bookings, clear meeting requests, as well as several other functions. This tool grew out of our calendar server migration technology.

su.exe /nd:xx /a /c /db /e /k:kwd /r /s /v /x /u:usr /in:infile /out:outfile /h:holdat

/a =Accept pending meeting requests & delete request
/b=Clear all meetings from calendar (keeps appointments)
/c =Clear pending meeting replies & requests from inbox
/db =check calendar for Double Booked meetings/appointments
/e =output Every meeting/appointment in calendar
/in:infile =user INput file, one AD alias per record (default infile.txt)
/u:user =process this User(supercedes /in:) /k:kwdstem =limit mtgs/appts tagged with Keyword stem e.g.
/k:ca find ca,car,cat (/k default:mmconv102659080256Z)
/nd:xx =NDays to search (today-today+xx days), (max/default:15 days)
/out:outfile =Output file (default outfile.txt)
/r =limit to Recurring mtgs/appts
/s =show stats in popup message box
/v =Version
/x =Meeting CrossCheck
/h:holdat =Holiday data file (default fn holiday.txt) Note: Limits: 3,500 aliases, 1,500 mtgs/alias

1. Must be run from the command prompt
2. User must have mailbox read/right authority


Output ALL tagged meetings for one user "riuliano" within the last 10 days into outfile.txt
su /u:riuliano /nd:10 /e /out:outfile.txt

Output tagged RECURRING meetings (only) for users in file "userlist.txt"(**) into bigoutput.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /r /out:bigoutput.txt

Find double booked meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /nd:15

Find double booked Recurring meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
u /in:userlist.txt /db /r /nd:15

Find double booked meetings and show ALL meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /e /nd:15

Find mismatched meetings (cancelled in owner's calendar but not in conf. room; different date/time) for resource "exec_cr"
su /u:exec_cr /x

Output all messages with keyword "mmconv" in this userlist to migrated.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /k:mmconv /out:migrated.txt

Clear meetings in calendar and meeting requests in inbox for all users in file "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /b /c

Add holidays stored in the "holiday.csv" file to these calendars
su /in:userlist.txt /h:holiday.csv