Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Sumatra Utilities for Exchange

The Sumatra Utilities for Exchange are tools for managing calendars in Exchange 2000/2003. You can insert holidays for users, or check for double-bookings, clear meeting requests, as well as several other functions. This tool grew out of our calendar server migration technology.

su.exe /nd:xx /a /c /db /e /k:kwd /r /s /v /x /u:usr /in:infile /out:outfile /h:holdat

/a =Accept pending meeting requests & delete request
/b=Clear all meetings from calendar (keeps appointments)
/c =Clear pending meeting replies & requests from inbox
/db =check calendar for Double Booked meetings/appointments
/e =output Every meeting/appointment in calendar
/in:infile =user INput file, one AD alias per record (default infile.txt)
/u:user =process this User(supercedes /in:) /k:kwdstem =limit mtgs/appts tagged with Keyword stem e.g.
/k:ca find ca,car,cat (/k default:mmconv102659080256Z)
/nd:xx =NDays to search (today-today+xx days), (max/default:15 days)
/out:outfile =Output file (default outfile.txt)
/r =limit to Recurring mtgs/appts
/s =show stats in popup message box
/v =Version
/x =Meeting CrossCheck
/h:holdat =Holiday data file (default fn holiday.txt) Note: Limits: 3,500 aliases, 1,500 mtgs/alias

1. Must be run from the command prompt
2. User must have mailbox read/right authority


Output ALL tagged meetings for one user "riuliano" within the last 10 days into outfile.txt
su /u:riuliano /nd:10 /e /out:outfile.txt

Output tagged RECURRING meetings (only) for users in file "userlist.txt"(**) into bigoutput.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /r /out:bigoutput.txt

Find double booked meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /nd:15

Find double booked Recurring meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
u /in:userlist.txt /db /r /nd:15

Find double booked meetings and show ALL meetings within the last 15 days in "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /db /e /nd:15

Find mismatched meetings (cancelled in owner's calendar but not in conf. room; different date/time) for resource "exec_cr"
su /u:exec_cr /x

Output all messages with keyword "mmconv" in this userlist to migrated.txt
su /in:userlist.txt /k:mmconv /out:migrated.txt

Clear meetings in calendar and meeting requests in inbox for all users in file "userlist.txt"
su /in:userlist.txt /b /c

Add holidays stored in the "holiday.csv" file to these calendars
su /in:userlist.txt /h:holiday.csv


Anonymous said...

Is there a version of this tool that works with Exchange 2007?

zyg said...

Not for public consumption.
What functionality from the Utilities are you most interested in for E2K7

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in being able to output all the double bookings for our conference rooms. We were having lots of double booking issues on 2003 and now that we are on 2007 we don't have the issue but we are still seeing issues arise from bookings that were done when the resources where on Exchange 2003.

zyg said...

Yeah, double-bookings. Perennial problem with Exchange. If you want to discuss this you can drop me an email zyg ATSIGN sumatra DOTCOM.

Anne Toal said...

Is the data in holidays.csv in the same order as the Exchange *.hol file? Where can I find the CSV spec?

zyg said...

Documented here:


Holiday file is a "CSV" comma separated value file (The four columns are holiday name, start date, end date, and an optional fourth column holiday type. Holiday type is F,B,T,O for Free, Busy, Tentative, Out of Office. The default is "B")

For example:


Anonymous said...

We emailed back and forth some time ago and I now do not have your email address. I was looking for the utility for Exchange 2007. Is this available yet. My usage for it has changed a little.

I'm looking for a way to find all meetings that have been scheduled by a specific user. The purpose would be that one someone leaves the company we could find all their appointments and cancel them. If they are used for a team purpose then have someone else on the team book the room.

Do you have this capability with Exhcange 2007?

zyg said...

For 2007? Yep -- we've been more focused on the "Broken Meeting" problem but we also did the terminated user (which is actually easier in fact). You can email me ZYG atsign SUMATRA dotcom