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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Calendar migration into Zarafa

So we got a request over the transom to see if we could migrate Meeting Maker data into Zarafa.

Their online demo bears a really close resemblance to OWA. This part I do not get: If you want to choose to not be part of the Microsoft Global Co-Prosperity Sphere, why on earth do you want the interface to be exactly the same? It's like not wanting to watch Seinfeld itself, only a high school acting troupe doing the exact same gags and plots. If that's what you want in front of you the original is much better.

However, short answer is NO. Mainly their mechanism to put in data is via PSTs (using ExMerge), with some scripts to migrate contacts via CSV. We don't produce PSTs (it is a real pain and we do not get much call for it). We can go into Exchange via CDO and EWS, and we can produce ICS, but none of the mechanisms we see in their Wiki will let us put in calendar data with the fidelity we are known for.

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