Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Zimbra and Private Activities / To-Dos

In the several Meeting Maker to Zimbra migrations we've done, the issue of what to do with "Private" activities and to-dos always come up.

Since Zimbra pre-version 5 does not have Private capability at the meeting level we've done all of these options:
  • Delete "Private" Activities / To-Dos before they are inserted (clean, easy to understand, infuriating for some users)
  • Pre-pend "PRIVATE:" to the relevant activities (easy to find and the user can deal with them as they will)
  • Separate the "Private" items into a separate database and insert into separate calendars. A little time-consuming all around, but it worked this weekend at a migration in Pennsylvania.

In Zimbra 5 this all becomes moot -- but we want to make sure current clients contemplating a Zimbra migration know their options.

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