Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Categories and Extended MAPI Properties in Exchange 2007

Sumatra used categories and extended MAPI properties to "tag" items that it inserts into Exchange. Sumatra uses this tagging strategy to find (and update) specific meetings. This works well in Exchange 2003, and doesn't work at all in Exchange 2007.

We set these items on messages in the meeting organizer's calendar. But wait--those categories and extended MAPI properties do not get transmitted with a messages in Exchange 2007! A PSS call yesterday confirmed that this behavior is possibly a bug.!?! I'll re-post if we find a solution

Here's the most relevant part of the code that adds categories (using XML):

<t:Subject>Russ and Nancy 1 on 1</t:Subject>
<t:ExtendedProperty> <t:ExtendedFieldURI PropertySetId="00020329-0000-0000-C000-000000000046" PropertyName="SumatraKeys" PropertyType="String"/> <t:Value>E1D5E39F08206011E39F9218</t:Value></t:ExtendedProperty>

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