Friday, January 18, 2008

Exchange 2007: to sp1 or not to sp1?

One of the features clients love about the Sumatra migration technology is our back out strategy: if something goes wrong during a calendar insertion we can selectively remove all the data we put in and do it more quickly than a full Exchange restore.

We do this using keywords.

For Exchange 2007 pre-sp1 because we were under the gun to complete the code for a migration in July, we took a quick path that placed the keyword in the "Subject" line (and created an option to remove these).

For sp1 we no longer insert our keywords into the Subject: line (meaning you get all the benefits of our back out capability without the annoyance of having to remove the keywords).

Bottom line: either pre-sp1 or sp1 will support a calendar migration, but each method requires a different version of the insertion code.

Consult with Sumatra if you need to decide which version to use during your migration.
Update: January 19, 2008: We've confirmed there were some bugs with EWS that the sp1 service pack fixes. We'll blog on it soon.

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