Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rate Limiting Steps in an Exchange 2007 migration

We've started to get the question "What's the choke point in a calendar migration into Exchange 2007?"

Keeping in mind that in 2007 we use EWS, you've got to think of the migration as running via HTML. So network efficiency and I/O are the crucial factors.

Russ produced this list of limiting factors (in priority order)

  • Speed of the SAN (Mostly it's I/O bound)

  • Speed of the NETWORK (Next, it's related to how fast HTTPS requests are

  • Speed of the SERVERS (CAS, then MBX) (Third, how fast the Web Services Requests are PROCESSED)

  • Speed of the 32-bit (Fourth, how fast those requests are GENERATED)

In Exchange 2000/2003, where we used CDO, the horsepower of the individual back end Exchange server played a more crucial role.

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