Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Export-Mailbox -- "Exmerge" for Exchange 2007

I had to generate a five PSTs from client data inserted in our lab to help a prospect prove to his management team that the Sumatra Migration tool could read and insert their calendar data into Exchange 2007. It gave me an opportunity to test a new commandlet "export-mailbox" released with Exchange 2007 SP1. Export-Mailbox offers many of the features most of us loved in Exchange 2003's ExMerge.

Be forwarned - the commandlet comes with contraints:
  • It must be run from a 32 bit client machine with Exchange Management Tools (Version Exchange 2007 SP1 or later) installed and Windows PowerShell (Download: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Tools (32-Bit));
  • It requires Outlook 2003/Outlook 2007 be installed on the 32-bit client machine;
  • Must be "run-as" using an account with Exchange Organization Admin or an Exchange Server Admin privs.
Here is how I exported a single mailbox to a PST:
Export-Mailbox –Identity < mailboxuser > -PSTFolderPath < pathToSavePST >

Here is how we told the client to Import the data from a PST into a client mailbox:
Import-Mailbox -Identity < mailboxuser > -PSTFolderPath < pathToSavePST >

I covered two of the other command-line variations. Ricardo Guerro's MsExchange Team blog post How to Export and Import mailboxes to PST files in Exchange 2007 SP1 details this commandlet. It comes with descriptions and screen-shots.

Yea! Another calendar migration tool for Exchange 2007.

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