Thursday, August 13, 2015

@Zimbra Enterprise Calendar Migration to @MSFTExchange Options

So we have one enterprise site that is serious about migrating calendars from Zimbra to Exchange 2013.

Again, we're talking full-state, live meeting migration we do, not the semi-functional, "well it's a calendar, so what if the meeting changes don't update now?" that some folks settle for.

This has caused us to look at our migration methods for large-scale Zimbra to Exchange calendar / tasks / contact migration.  We've got a long-standing weirdness.

In Zimbra an attendee can DECLINE a recurring meeting and ACCEPT a single instance.

This is NOT allowed in Exchange.  You decline a recurring meeting in Exchange and it is gone.

So what we've done in the past is have the attendee accept the series and decline all but that one instance.

We're re-thinking this and might just make the single acceptance a one-time meeting with appropriate modifications on the master recurrence pattern exceptions.

Strong feelings about this?  Let us have your feedback.

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