Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#Oracle Calendar Server migration to #MSFTExchange: Users OUTSIDE your organization

Got this question in:
What do the partial and full Oracle calendar server migration options do with meeting invitations to guests outside the organization? 

Gentle reader of calendar migration-mindedness:

Re-sending proposals to users outside your domain is OPTIONAL, as below in yellow.

In general – this is confusing as heck to outside users, since they’ve already responded to an invitation and you probably do not keep them all informed about your migration plans. Your internal users KNOW a migration is going on (well, most of them, let's be realistic). But you have ZERO control over users outside your domain.

In general we recommend you NOT re-send them (though we've had one or two that demanded it).

We insert the address in the agenda, so it’s straightforward to keep track of these and add them post-migration if a meeting updates (which is the real issue)

Your call, but I’d treat it as a training and post-migration issue.

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