Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Mitigating bad user behavior during an #Oracle calendar migration

Got this from the field a few weeks back:
What if we set up inbox rules on each migrating account to redirect invites and responses to some other (non-INBOX) folder - would oCalReader still be able to find them when it comes time for it to respond and clean up responses?

Please do not do this.
Since Exchange delivers the invites to the root mailbox we look at the root mailbox.
Any other folder is strictly verboten.

But -- what you can do:
  • Disable Outlook access for the migration period.
  • Hide the conference rooms in the GAL (stops a preemptive land rush from users -- this HAS happened)
  • Shut off ActiveSync/BES (handhelds are actually a bigger problem than Outlook)
  • Tell your users we know who's been naughty or nice from the logs

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