Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oracle Calendar Migration to #MSFTExchange #Office365 - Full State via new methods

We've further developed our oCalReader methodology so that now in addition to doing a partial migration it will also execute a full-state calendar migration from Oracle Calendar Server 10.x into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.

You can see the new configuration options below:

A couple of notes on this:

  • Works best for resources that are booked on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Does not work well when the resource owns the meeting.  You cannot have a resource organize a meeting in Exchange!
  • Requires a manual mapping of resource names to Exchange SMTP addresses (since resources in Oracle Calendar server don’t contain email addresses, or, worse, point to the admin managing the resource.)
The mapping file looks like this (OCS Resource name on the left, Exchange SMTP on the right) :

You can get your resource names from OCS with UNIUSER.  A command something like this:

uniuser -resource -ls "R=*" -n 1 -p PASSWORD >resources.txt

should export them.

The new buttons "Guest Response" and "Cleanup" come into play if you are running individual migration steps. 

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