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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meeting Responses in a Full-State Oracle Calendar Server to Exchange Migration

How do we deal with Meeting responses in a full-state migration from Oracle Calendar 10.x to Exchange?
  • The response options in Exchange are Accept, Decline, Tentative, and No Response
  • Oracle Calendar Server allows you to NOT respond to a meeting and it still shows up in your calendar. So in the field lots of people do not bother to actually Accept. Migrating these meetings to Exchange, we insert a non-response as “tentatively accepted” more as a sensible convenience than anything else.
  • Exceptions to guest responses to recurring meetings are not inserted. E.g., if a guest accepts all but declines a few occurrences, or declines the recurring meeting but accepts a few occurrences.  The latter situation actually cannot happen in Exchange but is possible in OCS.

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