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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Option on Oracle Calendar Server Migrations to #MSFTExchange

When we recreate response states from Oracle Calendar Server 10.x to Exchange we have a new option:

As a default your un-responded meeting invitations are "Tentatively Accepted."

However, you can also set this to "Accept"  "Decline" or "Do not apply a response."

I cannot see a reason you would want to Decline all instances -- but (and I am still flabbergasted) we got asked for it.

One thing that is possible is that if you originally Do not apply a response (i.e., leave them as invitations in user inboxes, you can then go back and "Accept" or :Tentatively accept" since we are keeping track of the responses.

UNDO gives you the option to limit removing guest responses by our alpha limits.

This capability is in oCalReader v 5.0.7.

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