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Monday, February 23, 2015

Migrating live calendars into #Exchange -- Manage Delegate Forwarding

Those of you who have been diligently following the workings of the mighty Sumatra bullpen know that we're nutcases about making sure migrations go well.

One thing in a full state migration into Exchange is that you need to turn off Delegate forwarding if you want us to recreate the meeting responses.

So to turn off forwarding for an entire domain, you use Set-RemoteDomain, like this: 

Get-RemoteDomain | Set-RemoteDomain -MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled $false

To turn off forwarding for an individual user use set-calendarprocessing:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity user email@yourdomain.com  -RemoveForwardMeetingNotifications $true

In the days of Exchange 2007/2010 you would have used set-mailboxcalendarsettings.

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