Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Enterprise-Level Calendar Migration #Exchange to #Office365

Last week (which is like forever in Sumatra Development time) we showed you the interface to our full state Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange calendar migration.

This week we'll show it working in a video:

This is showing the full state migration keeping recurrence patterns, guest lists, guest responses.  You know, everything that makes your calendar useful in an enterprise environment.  The stuff Microsoft does NOT do in a migration.  The stuff everyone else who claims to migrate calendars glosses over.

If you do not need or want all that utility we have an option that runs faster but still tells you who is supposed to be in your meetings.  Again, the stuff Microsoft and everyone else does not do.

Next week we'll release it to the sites we've got as early betas.

If you need Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange calendar migration after that, feel free to contact us.

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