Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Enterprise #Exchange to #Office365 Calendar Migration -- Now with Sync!

Things do not stand still at Sumatra.

With Exchange to Exchange full-state calendar migrations about to hit beta, we added and are testing Sync in our labs.  In the spirit of how things like email sync works, we've added sync to our full-state Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange calendar migration.  You get contacts and tasks as a by-product.

A few teaser images. starting with the Sync button (We're still discussing how we're going to make this work):

So the SOURCE Exchange server had this:

Which resulted in this on the TARGET Exchange account (note live meetings and recurrence!):

We leave the TARGET system alone while the SOURCE system evolves (1 additional item on the 27th and a modified appointment on the 18th, and a change in meeting response on the 26th).  After hitting SYNC these changes come in:

This capability will not be in this week's beta, but we'll roll it out as necessary when we deem it stable.

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