Thursday, July 17, 2014

Human Resource Conference Room Bookings as Indicators of Impending Doom

If you follow this blog you probably also know as the New York Times puts it, A Large Round of Layoffs Is Expected at Microsoft.

This is the key sentence "Human resources managers have begun reserving conference rooms for most of Thursday, most likely a sign that they will be used to meet with laid-off employees..."

Now HR and Conference Rooms is almost never a good combination. I flash back to my days at Lotus (pre-IBM), when the only thing worse than a group meeting with HR was a group meeting with HR with a few dozen donuts -- translation: "re-organization time!".

What I find interesting is that the conference room bookings are the most direct and compelling evidence.

Microsoft folk, if you wanted to get really subtle in your analysis of your future chances, just use Outlook to look for free time in the conference room YOUR corporate mouthpiece.... er.... Human Resources Manager... uses.


zyg said...

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zyg said...

And this recent article at Lifehacker is excellent

The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend