Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#Oracle Beehive to #MSExchange through a proxy -- alternate strategy

We never shy away from saying that migrations are hard.

We also never shy away from saying "Nope -- you're in over your head."

And we thought both of these were going to come to bite us as we looked at migrating Oracle Beehive from behind a proxy server.  

A set of test data we would normally expect to migrate in a few minutes was taking hours.

And there was no way to remove the proxy.

Running the calculations told us the full set of users would take four days on a single instance.  We could not put someone through that and maintain anything like guilt-free sleep patterns.  We put on our thinking caps and came up with the idea of exporting the data into a format we could use (Oracle Beehive IS a SQL database after all), taking that outside the firewall, importing it into an Oracle database, and then inserting the data (the final step herewith shown):

Problem solved.

If it's applicable to you we'll take you through it in your trial phase.

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