Thursday, May 05, 2011

Web-Based, one-step Oracle Calendar to Hosted Exchange migration

This is an early look at something we call Sumatra Decaf and a call for informed consent volunteers.

We've built a really good business out of migrating calendars full-state into Exchange.

But some folks do not need the whole magilla and are just looking for the simplest way of getting data from your legacy system into Exchange in a "good enough" fashion. So we've done that as well.

So yea, we have server-side ICS insertions to Hosted Exchange.

Let's take a look at Puffy Amiumi's calendar in OCS (also in Japanese Standard Time)

Use UNIICAL to export it and then read it into our web-based application (shown here in Alpha):

and in Outlook Web Access on Live at Edu, the results look like this:

Notice we're prefacing them with _TEST_ for the moment to make sure it does not get into the wild before we're ready.

The 5:00 PM Meeting at which Puffy is a guest looks like this in the agenda so that you know who's organized it and who else is supposed to be there.

Quick, simple, and executable without a lot of prep time.

Now our other option for a migration remains: longer, planned, and full-featured.
We're looking at how we want it to evolve and would welcome some input from you folks.

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