Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sumatra Decaf: Insert Oracle Calendar ICS into Hosted Exchange

We made our street cred on full-state migrations server-side to server-side.
But there have been folks who either want to try out just ONE user or go for a simpler migration that trades off full-state migration for something faster and simpler.
This is the reason we've done Sumatra Decaf which we're now happy to open for general inspection at
A few things to note:
  • This works only for hosted Exchange (e.g., Live at Edu, Office365, BPOS)
  • We keep track of the domains that insert and limit it to 5 accounts on that domain by default
  • We've geared this to the ICS exports from Oracle Calendar System. Others MIGHT work, but they are a lower priority to us. Each ICS upload is limited to 1 Mb and it inserts only from Today (i.e., the date you are inserting) forward.
  • In a few days we'll show you how to use this to insert holidays server-side.
  • Read the Help PDF at the site for more information.

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