Saturday, August 01, 2009

Migrating to/from Lotus Notes/Domino Calendar from/to something else?

It was a glorious summer day in Boston and of course I could think only of calendars.

Having come off installing Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3, I thought "How much geekier can I make the day?" OK, I actually thought "how soon can I fire up the grill?" but the lack of high-quality Chilean sea bass caused me to re-think my plans.

So given that one of the development guys warned me that there was no way I could possibly set up a Lotus Domino configuration on Linux by my own self, I had to prove him absolutely correct and generate this sample calendar. (BTW: If you try doing this on Fedora, remember to shutdown sendmail or Domino won't come up due to a port conflict.)

Needless to say - yes, this means we're looking at full-state migrations out of Lotus Notes and into other less "legacy" environments. Our first impetus is someone who wants to take a few thousand Meeting Maker seats and put them INTO Lotus Notes, but we can work in stages.

More later.


zyg said...

With more and more people leaving their legacy systems for Exchange, we came up with a simpler method of accomplishing the calendar, tasks, contatcs migration. We think the method we developed for Zimbra to Exchange migration via ICS files will work for Notes to Exchange migration:

Contact us (info AT sumatra DOT com) if you want to try this out.

zyg said...

And you can go to this blog posting of ours for the link to download the tool to try it out.

zyg said...

Guys -- if you're reading this since Lotus Notes development has passed to the Indian Subcontinent ( please wake up and smell the coffee (!)