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Friday, August 14, 2009

Meeting Maker to Google Calendar field test results

It's been a productive few weeks.

We just used our existing iCalendar tools to export a few Meeting Maker calendars for a site that wanted to go into Google Calendar.

With a little surgery (removing our Time Zone DST definitions) and using the Zulu time option, the data actually imports pretty well. The above example is real-world data.

Now there's a couple of things it doesn't do right out of the box: banners are currently off kilter (this is an easy fix), and we're not sure it's worth replicating the full set of state data for guests (because nobody else does it and everybody going into Google Calendar is price-constrained), but it's not that hard to at least put the guest list into the Description field.

As you know, we actively solicit your feedback.

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zyg said...

Couple of other things: uploading a 3+ Mb ICS file caused some sort of calendar server error, but it looks like the data imported. And for the life of me it does not look like Tasks import )or export) from ICS format. How does Google get away with being that slap-dash?