Monday, August 31, 2009

Migrating Resource Scheduler Data into Exchange 2007

No sooner was one of us back from the Seattle Opera Ring Cycle (Janice Baird rocks!) than we got one of our favorite types of inquiries: Can we get data out of Resource Scheduler and into Exchange 2007 native?

Short answer: Yes.

If you're primarily using Resource Scheduler to book rooms (something Exchange 2003 did not do well) and want to take advantage of the newer (and better) capability in Exchange 2007, this is very doable. We've already figured out how the Resource Scheduler SQL schema is structured and can simply modify and re-propose the meetings with mailbox-enabled resources on E2K7. With this knowledge if you want to try to write this code yourselves, go ahead, but be forewarned, it is harder than you think.

In contrast to the hundreds of calendar migrations we've done, this is more of an informed consent clinical trial right now, but if you're interested drop us a line. The more interest there is the more likely it is we'll proceed with development.

You should also read: Resource scheduling in Exchange Server 2007 and Using Exchange 2007 for Resource Booking. For the truly adventurous and technically adept, check out How to Create or Remove Custom Resource Properties.

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