Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why would an enterprise user want to print a Silverlight page?

Sumatra is working on a tool to analyze conference room use in Exchange 2007. Sumatra's tool helps facilities managers understand resoure use patterns through 25+ charts and tables. We picked Silverlight as our display engine because it produces the most amazing charts and tables (see below)!

We were days away from a beta-launch, when our QA team decided to print out the entire collection charts. We were stunned when only the first page printed. Looks like Microsoft decided not to include printing in the first two releases of Silverlight. The work-arounds aren't pretty.

Yah, it was nice to see our President's inaugration speech via Silverlight. But does this mean that the only line-of-business apps available to Silverlight are going to be consumer gaming and video-watching apps? Maybe this is the way to make corporate America greener -- prevent enterprise users from printing Silverlight-generated page via the browser?


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