Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Setting the Outlook Delegate Tab Entries in a Migration

As of January 2009 it is possible to set the Delegates in the Outlook Delegate Tab in a calendar migration. This will work for both an Oracle Calendar migration and a Meeting Maker migration. As is our practice for Delegate / Designate / Proxy migrations, we've built it off existing Microsoft-released and supported utilities.

Follow the procedure for PFDAVAdmin as we have previously documented (this sets Permissions on the appropriate folders).

1. Export your Active Directory data using CSVDE
csvde -f ad.csv -s SERVER -d "OU=Clients,DC=ex2007,DC=sumatra,DC=local" -l "dn,cn,displayname,sn,givenname,objectcategory,mailnickname,mail,homeMDB,distinguishedname,altRecipient,targetAddress"
Note: change the -s and the -d to represent your server and your AD

2. Import the data into the Database table AD_ExportUserList (if you have not already)
NOTES: The CSVDE output will:
· Have more columns of data than is used in the table
· A different order of columns. You must move columns in the output file so that the data align with the table

3. Run the macro M_OutputProxyForLDIFDE

4. Open a command window (i.e., DOS) , and run LDIFDE:
ldifde.exe -f proxy_delegates.ldf -i -s SERVER -k

where -s is the name of your server.

Result will be as follows for your Delegates (In Outlook menus via Tools-Options-Delegates Tab):

For more information on using LDIFDE see:
Using LDIFDE to import and export directory objects to Active Directory

Please note: this will set READ-WRITE (MM Term) permissions only. In Outlook terms it is "Editor."

Why? Because LDIFDE does not let us set READ-ONLY (Outlook term: "Reviewer").

We do the best we can with the Proxy migration tools. In general for setting Delegates we really really really want to be using off-the-shelf Microsoft tools (less chance of an update that makes them obsolete).

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