Monday, January 05, 2009

CorporateTime versions and migration to Exchange / Zimbra

Usually we see Oracle Calendar Server 9.0.4 ("Coca Cola Classic") but one account in the Boston area is running an older CorporateTime server (looks like version 7) to migrate into Zimbra.

Our new version of the conversion code supports this with the following modifications (they're running on a *nix platform):

uniuser -ls -format %s\:%g\:\:%id\:%no -n 588 -p xxxx > /var/tmp/users.txt
unires -ls -n 588 -p xxxx > /var/tmp/resources.txt
unicpoutu "S=LASTNAME/G=FIRSTNAME" -f exp-lastname.txt 588

unires is the older method for getting resource lists. The format is different from OCS 9.0.4, but we've redone the logic in the OraCalReader to take care of it.

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