Friday, June 13, 2008

New Flag for Zinsert Zimbra Migration

Sometimes I feel a little like Ron Popeil (I have seen him speak in person and he was amazing) when I talk about new features.

So I'll just launch into that mode now.

Has this ever happened to you?

You have 1500+ users in Meeting Maker and you want to migrate them to Zimbra. So you export your Meeting Maker database with 1200 user IDs mapped to your new Zimbra email, figuring you're going to delete the other 300 low-volume / terminated / lost at sea users later on.

But Sumatra Development (those meanies who don't understand the pain it is to compress Meeting Maker data with the Admin utility) tell you you have to MAP all those users (or go through some Béla Károlyi-class gymnastics variations to remove the relevant data from the database) before their process will work.

Worry no more!

We added a switch "-skipnoemail" if you want to skip over users with either null or empty email addresses, they'll not create ICS files or appear in guest lists. So it saves time all around.

We're not done yet!

We uploaded it to the relevant FTP sites for anyone currently migrating or testing migration.

Call before midnight tonight!

Oracle Calendar migration clients do not need it since they can selectively set the user calendar data they extract.

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