Friday, March 21, 2008

Tasks in Zimbra 5 - migrating them in

You know the simplest things always have some kind of hellacious complication lurking in them. So it is with what in Zimbra and OCS are called Tasks and in Meeting Maker are called To-Dos.

Meeting Maker has 7 Task Priorities while Zimbra has only 3.

This is how the priorities map when we do a migration:

Meeting Maker Urgent-> Zimbra High
Meeting Maker Important-> Zimbra High
Meeting Maker High -> Zimbra High
Meeting Maker Medium -> Zimbra Normal
Meeting Maker Normal -> Zimbra Normal
Meeting Maker Low -> Zimbra Low
Meeting Maker None -> Zimbra Low

For “Progress” options, Meeting Maker has only 2 levels (Done or Not Done) and Zimbra has 5 (Not started, Completed, In Progress, Waiting on Someone Else, and Deferred). “Done” maps to “Completed” and “Not done” maps to “In progress.”

Tasks are ICS files, but they can't be uploaded with the calendar data so we need to do them separately.

The following curl command will insert “tasks-zyg.ics” into User Zyg’s Tasks list:

curl -vvv -u zyg:PASSWORD --data-binary @tasks-zyg.ics http://SERVER/home/zyg/Tasks?fmt=ics

Oracle Calendar has a weirder case that we're not sure what to do with yet. OCS has priorities 1-9 and A-Z. In Outlook we map to priorities 1-5 with anything above “5” becoming “5.”

For Zimbra from OCS we'll wait until it's an issue for one of you and just define it that way from then on.

Oracle's other bugaboo is in access levels: Personal, Confidential, Normal, Public. Personal and Confidential map to PRIVATE in Zimbra, the other two map to PUBLIC.

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