Sunday, March 23, 2008

Creating Delegates / Proxies in Zimbra

Sometimes we find out the coolest stuff while searching for something else.

And this was how we discovered how Meeting Maker users can migrate their read-write and read-only proxies and Oracle Calendar users can migrate their designates into Zimbra Viewer or Manager Roles.

As the Zimbra Wiki points out, zmmailbox can be used to set calendar READ-ONLY permissions (Viewer):

zmmailbox -z -m zyg@DOMAIN mfg -i /Calendar account russ@DOMAIN r

and the followng will set READ-WRITE (Manager):

zmmailbox -z -m zyg@DOMAIN mfg -i /Calendar account russ@DOMAIN rwidx

In the above examples Zyg makes Russ a delegate/proxy/pick your term.

So how do you get the list? In the intermediate MS Access database we use for Meeting Maker conversions it's in the PROXIES table. So the logical next step is for us to write a macro that just exports a batch file you can use to execute this command for everyone you're migrating. Any of you working on a Zimbra migration now we'll happily work with on this (though Zyg is taking a crack at it anyway).

For Oracle Calendar Server conversions it's even easier. Look up UNIACCESSRIGHTS in your OCS Reference Manual.

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