Saturday, September 01, 2007

Oracle Calendar Server to Zimbra and Exchange

Yep, we've got Oracle Calendar Server to Zimbra migration working.

John's calendar in OCS 9.0.4 looks like this, note the Declined meeting (in red) and the Tentative meeting (in blue):

In Zimbra it converts to this (with the Tentative and Declined acting as they should in Zimbra):

As we've told some of you, the tool that we used to take the OCS exports and re-create recurrence patterns (ICS as RRULES) is being re-worked for field use (as opposed to the way we used to do it in Sumatra labs). It looks like this:

with our trademark "as few buttons as possible but make all of them useful" design philosophy.

In Outlook / Exchange 2007, the same calendar looks like this (Declined and Tentative are dealt with in the Outlook INBOX rather than directly on the calendar):

Note also that the OCS Day Event becomes an All Day Event in both Outlook/Exchange and Zimbra.

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zyg said...

Addendum February 2017 This is way up over the past week. If you are looking to migrate Oracle Calendar Server into Zimbra drop us a line If you want to do it right there's more to it than just importing ICS files.