Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oracle Calendar Server -- Multiple User Names and Migration

We were astounded to discover in customer data that it was possible to have non-unique user names in Oracle Calendar Server.
However, as the screenshots show, it was very easy for us in our test lab to create two "Jerry Garcia" users:
Despite the fact that I entered a valid password for only one of them I get the following screen on log-in asking me to select the one I mean (as though there's a way to tell them apart?)

This is bad enough -- but we then took the next step and invited them both to the same meeting.

Using the standard UNICPOUTU output this is the resulting data:

S 8780430
D 30
T Meeting with the two Jerrys
I 0
R N2
M Lennon John
W Lennon John
A TRUE 3 10
C [ .+] Garcia Jerry
C [ .-] Garcia Jerry

... making it impossible to tell which Jerry is which.

SO we've just added the capability to detect this in the USERS.TXT file before we get too far into a migration. If this situation arises, an error will pop up:

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