Monday, March 05, 2007

Using the Sumatra Utilities to archive appointments

In our continuing effort to make sure you don't think of the Utilities as something just to use to fix the looming Exchange DST crisis, we have a new feature to blog about:


Aside: you multinational companies shouldn't think it's almost over! I've gotten at least two inquiries from Europeans who are wondering about using the Utilities when the European Union reviews DST for its member nations. And "just move to Exchange 2007" is not the clear answer for everybody.

So why use the Utilities to archive? You could use automatic archiving to a PST file -- which will reduce the size of your local data and speed things. BUT if you want easy access to this data and still want to speed your calendar display, you can use the utilities to move all appointments before a certain date to a specified archive folder.

This gives you the best of both worlds: Better speed AND easy access (if you need it).

So to move all of user “riuliano”'s one-time (non-recurring) appointments before 8/2/2006 to a folder called “My Old Cal Items” use this command:

Su /u:riuliano /dt:8/2/2006 /mc /fn:"my old cal items"

If you do not have your aliases as SMTP addresses, use this syntax:

Su /fn:”my old cal items” /mc /dt /smtp / /

to move appointments for user (identified by SMTP address, /smtp) one-time (non-recurring) appointments before yesterday to a folder called “my old cal items”.

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