Friday, March 16, 2007

Reports of problems with solution to KB 932511

Chris Quinn, one of our brethren calendar and scheduling wonks, has reported an additional problem with the solution to KB article 932511: Exception meeting requests are deleted from the calendar in Outlook 2003 when recipients use a CDO 1.21 application to accept the master meeting request

This of course comes up because of the DST issue in North America, in his case he had an exception to a meeting that had been scheduled to another resource. The fix on 932511 and the Rebaser put the exception back on the ORIGINAL resource.

We'll keep you updated on if there is a fix to the fix to the fix (we think the recursion only goes that far, but after three we just lose interest and move on to other projects).

Chris also reports that:
Because we forced all the updates we also found out about another
problem. We found that OWA views can differ significantly from the Outlook
views. So we found another article that was quite interesting.
I thought you'd get a kick out of it. Now we can all POOF our calendars…
NB: To all of your looking to migrate Proxies and Designates from legacy calendar servers to Delegates in Exchange -- we need to use CDO 1.21 to accomplish this and the acknowledged memory leaks (see KnowledgeBase Article 891509 A memory leak condition occurs when you create a CDO program or a MAPI32 program to log on or log off many mailboxes in Exchange Server 2003 SP1) are one reason we treat this very carefully. See also KBs 901014 and 913643.

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