Thursday, March 22, 2007

Migrating iPlanet Calendar to Exchange via SuPump

Over the last five years of doing calendar migrations we've heard of pretty much every legacy calendar system out there. One that comes up now and again is iPlanet, once bundled with Netscape (remember them?).

iPlanet has a tool: csexport.

The file extension of the OUTPUT file (.ics or .xml) determines the format it will export to: ither iCalendar or XML

So since suPump.exe takes an XML file as input for incorporation into Exchange, this gives a quick way of server-side migration.

You use it as follows:

csexport -c jsmithcal calendar jsmith.xml


suPump.exe /k /AT:UserID /u:jsmith /DT:A /file:"jsmith.xml"
Will add appointment data for a UserID where the XML data is in file “calendar.xml”. This command does not clear the calendar calendar before inserting data.

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