Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Permissions - Your most likely error

Let's say you have the Sumatra Utilities installed and are getting an error with one of your users (typically -13 User Does not Exist on this server). And your error.log file looks something like this:

Debug: Commandline: /u:riuliano /DST:ALLDATA /DN:lab.sumatra.local riuliano WAS NOT Validated (User Does not Exist on this server) url:file://./backofficestorage/lab.sumatra.local/MBX/riuliano/-13NOT Validated:

Easiest way to make absolutely sure of permissions is to walk the tree using the account you're using to get to this:

  • Shell into DOS
  • Use the command subst o: \\.\backofficestorage
  • You should be able to drill down to the mailbox you want to profile (if you cannot you either do not have permissions and need to fix it, or the user is not on that Back End server)
  • See the following screen shot example

NOTE: please remember to remove the temporary drive when you are done (and BEFORE you close the DOS window) by entering

  • subst /d o:

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Anonymous said...

My team has been using this tool to scan for calendar events during the three weeks before the time zone change and the tool works as it should.

When using the tool to in a clustered environment to query users, the DN (example:testid.exchange.location.com) must be used at the end of the command prompot to find the results we were looking for. Be sure that the ID you use to scan the alias' has Exchange Admin "send as" and "receive as" mailbox rights as the Exchange Store Group level. Domain Admin rights are not needed.